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Summer is fast approaching and as it does, you might find yourself daydreaming of warm sunshine, white sand and (most importantly) clear, beautiful water that stretches forever.

Sure, you could take a weekend, pack everyone into the car and drive for hours in the hopes of securing a small patch of sand at an overcrowded beach, only to have to leave the very next day. But why go through that hassle when you could indulge your love for all things aquatic somewhere truly unique, and save yourself a truckload of stress in the process.

Forget the long drive, this Summer it’s time to really getaway. So, grab your towel, blow-up your floaties and get ready to dive into paradise with these four great spots for water-lovers.

Matira Beach, Bora Bora

French Polynesia is renowned for its stunning beaches, so when we say that Matira Beach in Bora Bora is a must-see, you know it’s a cut above your average beach. With pure white sand and amazing conditions, this little piece of paradise is unmissable for anyone who enjoys a day (or 5) at the beach.

Located at the Southmost part of Bora Bora, Matira offers great access to accommodation and restaurants as well as a number of activities to get the whole family involved. The waters here connect with a beautiful lagoon as well, which is the perfect spot for any aspiring snorkelers. The water is astonishingly clear and populated by a variety of marine life. There are also several near-by diving spots for those looking to delve further into the deep blue.

Cenote Te Ik- Kil, Mexico

Albury Travel - Water loversCenotes (meaning “secret wells”) are sinkholes or pits formed naturally underground. The Yucatan area is littered with these ethereal swim spots, but none is better equipped for travellers than Ik Kil.

In this underground oasis, you’ll swim beneath the pockets of sunlight streaming from openings in the cave and vines descending from the rocks.

There are a number of other cenotes in the area, but Ik-Kil is unquestionably the most well developed. With a restaurant, facilities and even cottages which can be rented if a quick dip just isn’t enough.

The cenote is also home to a number of black catfish. Large and quiet, these majestic creatures only add to the otherworldly atmosphere of the cave. Creating an experience of total serenity.

Ik- Kil is open from 8 am – 5 pm with entry around $7 AUD per person.

Kurokawa Onsen, Japan

If the thought of all this swimming is giving you the chills, you might want to warm up in Kurokawa Onsen, a natural hot spring on the island of Kyushu in Japan.

As you might’ve read on our Iceland destination page natural hot springs are created when water, hot from the earth’s inner layers, rapidly ascends to the surface, reacting with cool air to create a cauldron of warm, sometimes scorching water. Fortunately, the waters of Kurokawa Onsen don’t get quite that hot, instead sitting at the perfect temperature to soothe weary travellers.

Aside from the relaxation of the springs, the surrounding town, with its wooden bridges and bright green foliage makes for a serene backdrop to your stay. Accommodation is plentiful with a number of hotels and resorts across the island.

There are several other hot springs in the area to visit at your leisure, particularly interesting is the Igoita Zizo spring which is used exclusively for cooking. Food experiences and chilling out – aka holiday perfection!

The Louisiana Bayou, USA

Albury Travel - Water loversIf you’d rather be on the water than in it, a trip out to the Louisiana Bayou might just be for you. Located in the southern part of Louisiana, the Bayou is famous for its Cajun style cooking and its serene, ecosystem, above and below the water.

Head out on an airboat tour and be awed watching powerful alligators in action. As you glide along the water’s surface, your tour guide will explain the ecology and history of the area. With its unique and contrasting French influence, this area of the USA is unlike any other.

 Tours range from about $50 -$80 AUD (depending on your desired experience). You can stay near the Bayou itself or further out in New Orleans French Quarter with an option for pick-up available from most airboat providers.

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