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Talking travel with Jacqui on 2AY

Join Jacqui and Kev Poulton on 2AY as they discuss all things travel on ‘The Weekender’.

Jet Lag Tips 

What a Travel Agent Does

Interest Free Travel 

Outback Travel & Drought

Frequent Flyer Points 

Booking flights 

Music Cruises 

Croatia with Charles Sluga

Travel Insurance

Passports and Currency 

Lord Howe Island 

Discover Antarctica 

Mississippi by boat 

Latest cruise destinations

Europe – the Winter Wonderland

The best time to book travel

Tailor-made travel itineraries for those that don’t like traveling in groups

Places to holiday for Christmas

Packing for your next trip

5 great reasons to explore Canada

Music based travel – with a surprise guest!

Travelling on trains

Multigenerational travel – travelling with the whole family

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