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Who could forget Pink Floyd’s iconic song? What would you give to listen to a list of some of the musical classics ever created? You know, the kind of music that makes sense and where the words have actual meaning. Wouldn’t it be great to experience that again? And whilst travelling?

You can! There are so very many music festivals in almost part of the world – with something to suit just about any musical taste. Not only that though, but with a bit of planning you can partake of the other local sites along the way too. Now, that would be a trip worth taking!

Below are just a handful to whet your musical appetite.

1.Glastonbury Festival, UK (August)

The Granddaddy of all music festivals, UK’s Glastonbury first opened in the 70s and was headlined by arguably the biggest names in Rock n’ Roll history: Led Zeppelin and The Who. This is a festival haven for hipsters and baby boomers alike. There is no shortage of talented musicians showing up to the four-day event. Book your tickets early and listen to the likes of U2, Stevie Wonder, Muse, and Radiohead rocking out to your favorite songs.

2. A Love Supreme Jazz Festival, UK (June-July)

The festival got its name from a 1956 album by famous jazz musician, John Coltrane. This three-day UK jazz fest first opened in 2013 in the grand Glynde Place grounds. Artists such as George Benson and Kamasi Washington have headlined previous festivals, while newcomers Snarky Puppy and jazz-pop singer-songwriter Jamie Cullum are sure to give you a fresh take on this classic genre.

3. Victor Harbour Rock n’ Roll Festival, South Australia (September)

If you are a classic car enthusiast who happens to love rock n’ roll, this two-day event will get you revving! While looking at vintage car displays, you can rock along to retro rock artists such as The Memphis Suns and The Cadillacs among others while sipping an ice-cold beer under the South Australian sun.

4. Wychwood Festival, UK (June)

Hailed as the “Best Family Festival” in the UK, Wychwood boasts a lineup of over 100 artists including Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, The Proclaimers, and UB40. There’s also a collection of workshops for all ages including arts and crafts which would allow you to get the most out of this three-day event. That’s value for your money…and time!

5. WOMAD, UK (July)

Nobody does festivals like the Brits! Womad, originally founded by 80’s artist, Peter Gabriel, is not only a colorful music fest but is also an international art festival. Genre agnostic, visitors enjoy musical acts, dances, and art that represent excellence, passion and individuality at Womad. You can take your Womad experience a step further and camp on the festival grounds to fully immerse in this one-of-a-kind experience complete with workshops, global markets and global food cooked by the visiting musicians.

You can also see Womad at locations across the world (including Australia (SA) and New Zealand).

6. Kaaboo Del Mar, USA (September)

Don’t enjoy the typical music scene? Not a fan of overcrowded, rowdy festival grounds? Kaaboo is THE ideal festival for you. Kaaboo’s lineup is as diverse as the audience. They range from rock bands – The Strokes and The Wallflowers to indie-folk band Mumford and Sons. The festival opens in September and is held at the Del Mar Track and Fairgrounds in California. Truly a memorable music experience!

7. Fuji Rock Festival, JAPAN (July)

Previously held at the base of Mt. Fuji in 1997, the Fuji Rock festival’s current venue, Naeba Ski Resort, is just as splendid. Imagine listening to Björk and taking in the view of the magnificent terrain. Book a ticket to Japan in July and take a day off from roaming the city to enjoy the music and scenery at the Fuji Rock festival. You might get lucky – the Foo Fighters and/or Red Hot Chili Peppers could headline again. And maybe indulge in Japan’s famous gustatory delights while you’re there.

8. Sydney Festival, (January)

After something festival-esque a little closer to home? Need to visit relatives or do business in Sydney? January is the month of the Sydney festival! More than a thousand artists perform across multiple venues showcasing theatre, music and dance events.

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