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Multigenerational holidays – altogether now…

Have you ever thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice for the whole family to go somewhere together for a couple of weeks whilst we all still have the chance’? If so, you’re not alone. Multigenerational holidays are part of a new trend that’s taking off around the globe.

Sure, it will take a bit of organising, but it’s definitely worth it for the incredible experiences you’ll have and the amazing memories you’ll create. Depending on your circumstances and stage of life, you’ll get to spend solid chunks of time the grandkids (maybe even great grandkids) or have your kids spend time with cousins they rarely see who might live interstate or even overseas. You could even make it a yearly (or bi-yearly) thing.

One of the best parts of any big family holiday, whether it’s overseas or within Australia, is the anticipation. One of the most difficult parts is the planning – some have even described it as “herding cats”! That’s where we come in – you have the dream, we’ll do the ground work! You have the excitement and anticipation – we’ll do the organisation! Even if it’s two years away, research has shown that the planning of something you’re really looking forward to, that sense of anticipation, is likely to make you feel happier – in fact, it’s almost as good as taking the holiday itself – almost.

So where could you go and what could you do?

Well, to a large extent that depends on the circumstances of the people you’re travelling with – the time you all have available, the size and ages of the family groups, and a budget that will suit everyone.


There are lots of plusses for the cruise option – you can cruise just about anywhere – around Australia, Pacific Islands, Hawaii, SE Asia, the US, Europe – whatever takes your fancy. There is a cruise for just about every budget, and each family group can have the style of accommodation that suits them. Most meals and entertainment are included and there are some wonderful activity options for everyone.

Depending on the ship, there are movie theatres, games nights, options to dress up or dress down, waterslides, even some with an ice-skating rink. Most offer different pools, spas, multiple dining experiences, kids clubs (from toddlers to early teens), so you’re not left being the ‘entertainment director’ for the family – that’s definitely not relaxing!

Best of all there’s so much space, so you don’t all have to be doing the same thing all the time. Meet together when you choose, or do your own thing. And there’s a cruise for just about everyone ranging from a couple of days through to several months and everything in between!

South Pacific getaways

If cruising is not your style, your extended family might prefer a getaway to a resort in the South Pacific – perhaps Fiji, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, or even a bit further afield to Mauritius or the Maldives. A chance to have a relaxing break, whist exploring a new country and culture. One of the great benefits of a resort break is that there are generally generous discounts and inclusions for children – meals, bonus stay nights, kids’ clubs and special pools and activities.

Family adventures in Africa

If adventure and travel is more your preference, then it’s hard to go past a private family trip in Africa. Imagine your own safari holiday in Kenya and Botswana, combining wildlife safari with luxury camping in and lodges across the Masi Mara. As a private trip, we can design it to suit you – how long stay in each place, which activities you’d like to do (or not do), if you’d prefer meals included or excluded. And you would have your own local guide and driver. Depending on the size of your family group (but generally starting at around 12 people), you will be surprised that the cost of the private trip can be comparable with that of a big tour group.

Iconic family trips to America

And if you’re looking for one of the iconic family trips, you can rest assured that the dream of visiting Disneyland, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon and Hawaii will be something that you will all treasure forever.

As always, if you’re thinking about planning your next holiday, or you’re just looking for a little further inspiration, we’d be delighted to chat! You can always give us a call on (02) 6041 5577, call into the office at 601 Dean Street, Albury or book an appointment via the form below with one of our expert travel agents today.


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