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In a recent blog, we gave you three great options for a journey to the jungle, full of the best beauty the natural world has to offer. The thing is, it turns out that, for all the industrialisation in the world, there’s still a lot of natural beauty to find – if you know where to look.

And look we did, uncovering three more jungle getaways for any traveller looking for that elusive combination of adventure and serenity.

Sinharaja Forest, Sri Lanka

Albury Travel - 3 more Jungle Journeys for your next exotic escapeAlive with waterfalls, forest creatures and a plethora of lush green plant life, the Sinjarija Forest and surrounding park area is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a hotbed of biological diversity.

Relatively unique amongst preserved sites, this park works harmoniously with the local community with villages surrounding the outskirts of the park. The residents able to enjoy the park like everyone else and have not been pushed out by developers or overzealous conservationists, for the tourist experience, this is a pleasant change from the somewhat orchestrated impression presented to outsiders.

Guided tours are typically available in either half or full day options, just be ready for the heat if you plan to stay into the afternoon. As the park is home to so many wonderful animals, some of them of the slithery, venomous variety, it’s best to have your travel agent book you a tour with a reputable guide (and make sure you’ve some travel insurance – just in case). 

Yanoda, China

Albury Travel - 3 more Jungle Journeys for your next exotic escapeAn unexpected must-see destination, Yanoda Rainforest located on the Chinese Hainan Island is as beautiful as it is surprising. With all the gorgeous, looming trees and plants commonplace in any jungle biome, Yanoda also houses huge, fantasy-like mushrooms and colourful orchid displays to delight young and old alike.

Unlike other entries on this list, Yanoda isn’t hiding any huge, imposing creatures, instead, you’ll find yourself walking amongst Siberian chipmunks and masked palm civets (an adorable racoon-like creature) which round out the fairy-tale like aesthetic of the area perfectly.

Great for families, this rainforest experience is exceptionally close to a number of resorts and a beach making it a great option if you’re up for an adventure combined with a bit of relaxation.

Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Albury Travel - 3 more Jungle Journeys for your next exotic escapeThis gorgeous natural landscape is exactly what you would expect of an African jungle – and so much more.

The park is also a great spot to see one of humanity’s closest relatives, the gorilla. Endangered and elusive, if you want to see some, you need to go with someone who knows how to find them. Led by an experienced guide, you can set out on a Gorilla trekking expedition to seek out these intelligent apes and see them at their most calm in their natural habitat. For all the amazing stories you’ve surely heard about the very human nature of gorillas, seeing a troop care for one another in person can still feel surprising – and very moving.

It’s easy to think of Rwanda and remember only the horrors that befell the nation, but there is so much more to this country than its worst moment. Now you can experience its amazing and inspiring recovery. In the years since the genocide, Rwanda has waded through political unrest, rebuilding its community in the wake of the disaster. As you travel through the jungle you will meet people whose lives have been changed by what happened. People who have rebuilt their communities after loss and who still believe their country has an immense amount of beauty to offer the world.  And they’re some of the most lovely people you’re likely to ever meet.

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