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Vilnius, Quebec, Cape Town, Bruges, Paris

You know how it is, you’ve been together for a while and despite the occasional date night, maybe the romance has waned just a bit and you want to get it back. Or maybe you’ve finally got the kids out of school/uni/off your hands and it’s time to celebrate making it out the other side – still together.

Think of it as a chance to rekindle the flame. After all, travel isn’t just about spending time together; it’s also about building shared memories for your future.

But travelling doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a significant other in tow. The prospect of finding a new romantic interest in a place you have yet to discover is an attraction in itself. The idea of being swept off your feet by a stranger could be part of the adventure – just think Roman Holiday.

Maybe it’s time for a trip of a lifetime taking in some of the most romantic cities in the world? Our top five picks for romance are:

Vilnius, Lithuania

Picture intimate strolls through ornate Baroque-styled buildings; candle-lit dinners amidst artistic medieval backgrounds and your most treasured person. That’s Vilnius – and it could be the first stop of your European romantic journey. It’s definitely one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

Home to a great many medieval architectural masterpieces, you can walk along winding cobblestone streets marvelling at the Gothic structures – it’s an architect or designer’s dream.

The streets are also peppered with wine bars to enjoy an intimate tipple.  If taking home unusual treasures is on your list make sure you visit Stiklui St – mixed in with the designer stores are locally made linens, hand-blown glass and vintage treasures.

You can also enjoy the cityscape from a different perspective by ditching the streets and appreciating the view from a higher vantage point having climbed Gediminas Hill (or taking the funicular – a cable train).

When the mood strikes you to go and enjoy some sea breeze, don’t let the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea turn you off. You can always enjoy the soft white dunes of Vilnius’ coastline whilst having a pastry and a drink sold by the vendors that line the sandy stretch. And if you do stay and wait ‘til the sun sets, lean over and tell your love – Aš tave myliu (pronounced: ‘ahsh tah-ve mee-lioo’), Lithuanian for I love you.

Bruges, Belgium

Think horse-drawn carriages, quaint chocolate shops, charming lace shops and other adorable marvels…that’s Bruges for you.

Bruges is a city that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. From lovely boat rides through the canals to a dreamy stroll in the city, there is an endless list of romantic things to do. One tradition that couples do is walk on the Minnewater Bridge. Legends say that if you stroll across hand in hand with your partner, you’ll stay in love forever.

If you think Bruges is alluring by day, just wait until night sets in. The banks along Sint-Annarei and the Groenerei are a remarkable sight. It is easy to block out the noise, be ensconced in your own bubble and reminisce about the good times.

One of Bruges’ hidden jewels can be found in the Gothic Church of Our Lady built in the Middle Ages. Its tower, standing at 122.3 meters, is the second tallest brickwork tower in the world. It’s more than just that, within its walls is the breathtakingly beautiful marble sculpture – Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child. Who would want to miss that!

When that moment comes, you might want to whisper “Ik hou van jou”.

Paris, France

Ah, the City of Lights! Cap off your romantic European journey in this wonderful city.

As bridges cave in due to the weight of the trend of hundreds of thousands of padlocks inscribed with couples’ names, there are many other things to explore in the City of Love and Romance.

First stop is exploring the vineyards of Paris and visiting Parc des Buttes Chaumont where you will find a waterfall that leads to an exquisite watering hole. Then take a side trip to witness the astonishing view of Montmartre. Of course, your romantic getaway would not be complete without visiting the Temple Romantique also called the Temple of Love—sunsets on this island are simply spectacular.

Whilst visiting a cemetery might perhaps be considered a tad morbid for loved up couples, this is Le Paris, and conventionalities do not count. Père Lachaise is more than a final resting place. Its winding paths expose beautiful Wendy-like structures that makes one forget where they are. In a bizarre way, it’s been said it often makes couples reflect on their vows and dream of what the next phase of life together might bring.

Don’t forget to say “Je t’aime”

And then moving on from Europe…

Quebec, Canada

Quebec is known as Canada’s city of love. With its old European-esque charm, it is most beautiful during wintertime. The galleries, boutiques and cobblestone streets are a magical sight to behold when blanketed with snow. If you want to up the romance meter, cozy up with your beloved while you take in the city on a horse-drawn carriage ride or if you want something different, pack a bottle or two of wine and ride the ferry to view the city lights at night.

You can choose to linger over breakfast and eye narrow streets of Petit-Champlain district or you can opt to view the expanse of the city by climbing the highest point – the Observatoire de la Capitale. It’s breathtaking.

One last thing, do not miss out on seeing Montmorency Falls. At 83 meters tall, it is higher than Niagara Falls, which you can enjoy to the fullest by hitching a ride on the cable car to the top. Or for the daredevils after a shared adrenalin rush, you can also climb up the stairs on the side of the cliff.

In Canada, it doesn’t matter whether you say I love you or Je t’aime – your other half is sure to smile.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a haven for people in love. This city has it all: mountains, beaches, harbours and more! The best way to take in the magnificent landscape is to book a helicopter ride or a hot air balloon. Nothing will rival the stunning views of the glistening blue waters. If you prefer your views a little closer to the ground, you can ride a cable car to the top of Table Mountain.

Do you know that Cape Town prides itself with its spas and retreats? Indulge in a couple’s massage and soothe your tired muscles after all your sightseeing.

Cape Town is also wine-lover’s haven. The fab estates in the Helderberg region and Capelands will fulfill even the most discerning palate.

That’s five great options to choose from. Of course there are hundreds of other wonderful romantic places on earth? We’d love it if you shared your favourite.

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