As unique as it is beautiful, Japan is a culturally rich destination that effortlessly blends age old traditions, natural environment and bustling metropolitan cities.

The archipelago of islands, known as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ may be a small, but it is home to striking scenery and diverse landscapes. Volcanoes, rugged mountains, tropical beaches, and stunning Zen gardens paint the landscape of the country

Exploring Japan, whether you prefer a traditional tea ceremony – a unique ritual that’s been performed since the 12th century – or sipping a modern cocktail in a sky-high bar, it’s important to discover the diversity that makes this country tick.  The merging of history with fantasy and future. Live lobsters from a vending machine; teen tribes dressed in fantastical costumes participating in the performance art ; the electric energy of  sumo wrestling;  the history of samurai warriors, or the art of the Geisha.

A year round travel destination – Ski in Winter, Cherry Blossom season in Spring, visit the sub-tropical islands of Okinawa in Summer, or climb Mt Fuji in Autumn, you can explore by land, sea or rail, with great options for walkers and cyclists, foodies, families.

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Terry & Evelyn Silver

Japanese lanterns at night
Takayama town, Japan