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Got your swimmers? Great! Packed your sunscreen? Check! Good, I think you’re all set, time to hop aboard a luxury ship and let’s set sail for your next summer holiday destination – Antarctica!

Ah, yes, you might also need a coat…a heavy winter coat, or maybe a quality parka.

Antarctica might not be the first place you think of when you imagine your next big summer trip – but it should be. The wild and Martian-like Antarctic landscape is so, indescribably unlike anything you will have experienced before and pictures really don’t do it justice. So, you’ll have head on down to see it for yourself – and our summertime just happens to coincide with some of the most incredible natural events you can witness on your expedition to Antarctica.

There are no, non-research related (human) inhabitants on the whole continent, ergo no accommodation, so for this journey, you’ll have to be aboard a beautiful luxury expedition ship – such a terrible hardship…

The ride can get a little rocky, so if you get motion sickness – come prepared (talk to a pharmacist before you leave), but the view is worth it – we promise.

Here are three truly special experiences you’re going to want to cross off your bucket list – in Antarctica…

1. Get to know the cutest Antarctic residents, penguins!

Albury Travel - Antarctica

Antarctica is a unique and wild landscape ripe with the potential for truly revolutionary scientific discovery. That’s important and fascinating all on its own…but also, there are penguins.

And lots of them. Adelie and Emperor penguins live all along the Antarctic coastline.

Emperor penguins are larger, sleeker-looking birds. Standing between 1 and 1.3 metres tall, emperor penguins are the tallest penguin variety on earth. With this (relatively speaking) towering statue and their large bright yellow feathers about their necks, it’s easy to understand how they got their regal name.

Adelie penguins, on the other hand, are shorter than the average penguin with the most conventionally ‘tuxedo- like’ markings. In the wild, these adorable little guys are notably selfish and self-serving, having been observed to push one of their buddies over the edge of dangerous ledges to check it’s safe for them to go ahead. A heartless move, sure, but kind of smart too.

If you take your voyage around January and you’ll catch them just as their eggs begin to hatch and get to bear witness to the only thing cuter than penguins – tiny, fluffy penguin chicks. Prepare for some great photo opps.

2. Warm up, exploring Deception Island…

Albury Travel - AntarcticaFor a change of scenery, opt to take a cruise that stops at the last thing you’d expect to find on this frozen continent – a volcano.

Deception Island is a small island featuring just that, an active volcano. An eruption in the 1970’s left much of the island scorched which – whilst a scary concept, made it the only part of Antarctica not covered by ice. Which in turn, now makes hiking the area possible. The chance to explore this strange landscape at your own pace is unmissable.

As you peruse the area, you’ll likely spot remnants of the Island’s many previous occupants. Formerly home to a huge whaling station and research operations, abandoned and ravaged buildings are scattered about, their owners having been run off by those same eruptions we mentioned earlier.

When you’re all hiked-out, relax your bones in the geothermal hot spring located on the island – just get changed quickly, you don’t want to be out in those temperatures in your all-together for too long!

3. Enjoy the view, along the Lemaire Channel

Albury Travel - AntarcticaWhilst not your conventional cruise ship holiday, you are still aboard a luxury vessel, synonymous with relaxation.

Passing through the Lemaire channel is the best time to get your R & R in front of Antarctica’s stunning backdrop.  As you cruise along the channel, you’ll be treated to views of magnificent, looming glaciers, moving incrementally along the channel.

In the right season (February/March) you might be lucky enough to spot some whales, making their own way alongside you. Orca and Minke Whales are the most likely, but with up to eight different species frequenting the area at any given time, you never know what you might see out the dining room window as you enjoy fine food and the good company of your fellow travellers.

There are lots of options for voyaging to Antarctica. So to find the one that perfectly suits you or your family, get in touch. You can give us a call on (02) 6041 5577, visit the office at 601 Dean Street, Albury or book an appointment with one of our expert travel agents via the form below.

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