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Tracey was recently a finalist as one of the top three Rising Stars in the cruising industry – celebrated at an awards ceremony in Sydney put on by the International Cruise Council of Australasia as part of the National Cruise Awards. Her nomination recognised her achievements, knowledge and passion for all things cruising.


Where have you cruised to?

  • Vanuatu – Port Vila, Pentecost (where they do the Island diving), Luganville, Champagne Bay.
  • New Caledonia – Lifou, Isle of Pines, Noumea
  • Australia – Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart & Sydney

What’s the best part of cruising?

There are so many great things about cruising. If you are on a family cruise, one of the best things, especially if you’re a Mum, is that you never have to worry about hearing “what’s for dinner”! Everyone else gets a real holiday, a chance to kick back and relax, it’s all laid out for you. And there are usually so many options for meals, entertainment, activities and relaxation. Essentially everyone gets a real holiday yourself. Plus even though you’re travelling to different destinations, you only have to unpack once.

The worst part of a cruise is coming home because you have to make your own bed, cook dinner and no one puts the chocolate on your pillow at night!

There really is something for everyone:

No matter the age of those you’re travelling with, there’s something for everyone. And depending on the cruise, children especially have lots of things to do. I recently took my 11 and 17-year old daughters on the Ovation of the Seas. There was something for each of us to do – including for me, curling up in a corner with a magnificent view and a good book.

Many cruise ships are the destination in themselves; they’ve got everything! On our cruise, my eldest daughter loves basketball so she was happy just playing basketball at sea. She made friends with others with similar interests within the first couple of minutes of the cruise. So while she was having fun, my youngest and I had time to explore the ship and do some things together. There were ping-pong tables, dodgem cars and even a roller skating rink – and of course pools, shops, theatres and games nights. Seriously something for everyone!

Cruising is perfect for families:

At one point I thought to myself if I had gone with my parents, my brother and a few others there would have been something for all of us to do – separately and together! You all have the flexibility to meet up and then have your space to do your own thing. It’s a great idea for a multigenerational holiday – which is when you get grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, spouses and kids all together – and on a cruise ship, it becomes a floating family celebration.

As a travel agent though, getting the right person on the right type of cruise and the right cruise ship is a big thing because what some people like and enjoy, others wouldn’t and each of the cruise ships are very different. Some are smaller, some are huge. Some cruises have lots of sea days (which I love) and others hug coastlines and have more shore days and excursions (I love those too).

You can cruise and learn too: 

Not only is there a cruise for every budget, there’s a cruise for every age group, interest or hobby. Gone are the days when cruising was just for seniors playing shuffleboard. Now you can go on Rock & Roll trips, comedy cruises – where you might even have a go at doing some stand up, food and wine cruises where you can study wine and learn to cook a masterpiece and even photography cruises – where you can master that camera you bought years ago

Plus there are also cruises that have guest speakers on topics of interest, as well as exhibitions and cultural education programs on board, so you can learn about the places you’re travelling to before you get there. It can be a truly amazing immersive cruise experience.

So which cruise is your favourite?

There’s too many and they’re all different! It’s like asking who’s your favourite child!!

  • The Viking Ocean Cruise in the Mediterranean that Jacqui has just come back from looks spectacular. Amazing destinations, lots of time in port, and a relaxed, luxurious Scandinavian feel on board.
  • The American Queen Steamboat is another one to get that real American experience going down the Mississippi. That’s another one I’d like to do.
  • And there are amazing cruises to the Artic (and Antarctic) where the scenery is breath-taking. Plus you can try ice-swimming (in a special swimsuit to protect you from the cold).

And I could go on. But going on those will create the memories you’ll treasure forever.

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