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.In the last two blogs, we’ve explored the Kimberley and the Pilbara. Both astonishing places. But there’s still one final place in the region to explore, the most well known of the three, Broome. Broome offers some of the most amazing sites and activities, which allows you to explore the natural wonders that make Western Australia so great.

Just like the Kimberley and the Pilbara, Broome has lots to do. It’s is the perfect travel destination for anyone looking to experience awe-striking landscapes, pristine beaches and unique activities, such as riding a camel on the beach, 4WD tours, walking through gorges and pearl farming tours.

When to visit Broome

The best time to plan a trip  is during the dry season, between April and September, where you’ll experience warm days and clear skies everyday.

Cable Beach

You can’t go to Broome without visiting one of the most famous attractions, Cable Beach; definitely one to put on your bucket list. It spans more than 22 km of soft white sand perfectly complimented with clear turquoise water. Cable beach is a great safe swimming beach where you’re able to relax and take it all in.

To experience Cable Beach from a different perspective, make sure you take it in on the back of a camel. No trip to Broome can be considered complete without it. With a choice of a morning, afternoon or sunset rides, you will receive a trip right along the beachfront where you will take in the amazing views that Cable Beach has to offer from a unique perspective. Definitely not to be missed.

While you’re there, why not watch the sunset over Cable Beach and have a few drinks at the Cable Beach Club’s Sunset Bar. The perfect way to end a wonderful day.

Broome Pearls

If spending a day at the beach doesn’t pique your interest, another very popular attraction in Broome is its pearl farms. Some of the most amazing pearls in the world are found in Broome. Pearls have been farmed in Broome since the Indigenous inhabited the land. Broome is home to the South Sea Pearl, which is one of the finest in the world. A pearl tour is a must. You will learn about the process of producing pearls and you are able to get up close to these world famous pearls and perhaps purchase one to take home to remember your trip.

Get up close & personal with dolphins

For the nature lovers, Broome is home to a rare type of dolphin in Roebuck Bay called Snubfin dolphins. Broome has the largest population of these dolphins. Why not take a Whale Watching tour for the best possible chance in the world to see these dolphins.

Something different – archeology

For the archeology fans, Broome has an abundance of the largest and most diverse dinosaur footprints in the world. It is best to explore this Broome feature with an expert guide. They’ll can enlighten you on the facts behind some fascinating sites that are up to 130 millions years old. Proving that Broome really does have something that will interest everyone.

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