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Recently you might have seen a blog sharing three of our favourite luxury train journeys. Only, only it turns out, like a kid in an ice-cream store, we have too many favourites to choose just three! The Luxury sleeper train genre just has too much to offer and it didn’t seem right to leave you without a few more options.

So with that in mind, here’s a primer on another three amazing train journeys for your next holiday:

The Belmond Andean Explorer

For a little adventure with your luxury, why not experience one of the most luxurious experiences in Peru – a trip aboard The Belmond Albury Travel - All Aboard! Another 3 Train Journeys to ConsiderAndean Explorer.

As the first luxury sleeper train in South America, The Explorer prides itself on embodying both total guest comfort and a modern pioneering spirit. Forgoing the typical nostalgic, old-world interiors of most sleepers, The Explorer embraces a modern design palette, more suited to contrasting the wild earthy terrain you’ll be seeing from your window.

Your trip will set out from the city of Cusco, formally the capital of the Incan Empire (and a great spot to base yourself if you’re visiting Machu Picchu). From here, you’ll travel east, passing Lake Titicaca and the La Raya mountain range on the horizon, towards your destination, Arequipa.

The menu offers regional Peruvian food with a twist and the main Lounge car features a large, grand piano which never fails to draw a crowd.

And if all that beauty and fine food is just too stressful for you, you can always make an appointment in the spa car. Yes, really. Featuring massage, facial therapies and body treatments, The Explorer goes that extra mile (figuratively) to ensure you’re properly pampered with its very own onboard spa.

The Orient Express

Admit it, you couldn’t believe the first blog on trains finished without mentioning this one. Unfortunately, the original Orient express (of Agatha Christie fame) connected Istanbul to Paris, but the line was discontinued for good in 2007, unable to compete with modern Albury Travel - All Aboard! Another 3 Train Journeys to Considerelectric trains and alternative modes of travel.

That’s the bad news. The good news is whilst the original Orient Express has reached its last stop, the Venice Simplon Orient Express provides all the character and charm of the original train with the added comfort of a modern train (temperature control, better plumbing, fewer fictional murders aboard, etc). The design carefully mirrors the iconic, effortless class of the original train, perfectly realising the romanticism of rail travel.

Meals are based off regional and seasonal delicacies and there are a number of bar cars with varying design motifs to choose from.

Whilst the iconic Paris to Istanbul route is an option, seats are in high demand as the train only makes this journey once a year. Alternatively, there are a number of smaller journeys connecting Paris, Vienna, London and Venice that run more frequently.

The Golden Eagle Trans-Mongolian Express

The 7621km long journey covers six different time zones and represents a truly unique experience if you’re looking to go somewhere off the beaten track without sacrificing comfort. You’ll be onboard for approximately one week (depending on your chosen journey) during Albury Travel - All Aboard! Another 3 Train Journeys to Considerwhich time you’ll observe one of the most geographically diverse and historically significant landscapes on the planet.

300 years ago, this train line was essential to 17th century trade routes and was used to carry tea and other goods between China and Russia, but you won’t find many remnants of the old utilitarian transport train in your luxury cabin (but you can certainly find a good cup of tea!).

Taking this journey will find you watching in awe as the distinctly Russian Siberian scenery changes before your eyes into the colourful banners of Mongolia. The Russian portion of the journey offers a unique insight into a part of the large Siberian nation not always seen by outsiders, including a stop in Irkutsk, the Paris of Russia.

Upon entering Mongolia you’ll find a vibrant and distinct culture and a spellbinding rugged landscape. Go at the right time (usually July or August) and you might even catch the Naadam Festival, celebrating the birth of Mongolian independence after the 1921 revolution.

Ok, we’ really done this time, no more trains (for now at least…). If the old time glamour of hopping aboard a luxury train appeals to you (or you’ve another travel dream you’d like to see come true), we’d be delighted to help. You can give us a call on (02) 6041 5577, visit the office at 601 Dean Street, Albury or book an appointment with one of our expert travel agents via the form below.

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