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Is Canada on your bucket list? When you think of Canada, your mind probably wanders toward powdery snow, skiing, snowboarding, gondola rides and chair lifts, tall mountain peaks and sipping hot chocolate by an open fire, right?

You’re not alone!

But what if you’re thinking about planning your next holiday but you’re not too keen on the icy cold Canadian winter? And thinking of snow leaves you, well, cold.

Great news!! there’s an abundance of things to do in the summer – and year round – too! Why not head north to escape the Aussie winter and enjoy an extra Summer in Canada.  So trade in thoughts of ski boots for hiking boots and start planning your ultimate Canadian summer getaway, with these 4 must-do activities.

1.Make the most of the camping conditions

Imagine your ideal weekend away camping. It probably sounds more like relaxation and freedom; like setting up camp in the great outdoors and waking up completely surrounded by nature with the birds chirping and a beautiful sunny day on the horizon; and a little less like shivering to sleep in negative temperatures, doesn’t it? That’s why the warmer months are the perfect time to grab your tent, get lost deep in the towering trees and make the most of the many local campsites!

With more than half the country covered in forests and woodlands, there are plenty of hotspots for your escape. If you’re in British Colombia, check out Cathedral or Mount Robson Provincial Parks. If it’s Alberta you’re visiting, try Jasper National Park or Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park for something a little different. Heading to Ontario? Don’t go past the province’s second oldest Provincial Park, Rondeau! Anyway, you get the point – the list of parks goes on!

2. Cruise along the world’s longest coastline*

The Canadian cruise season runs in the summer from May to October (with most ships sailing between August – September). Not only is cruising a great way to kick back and relax while making the most of your travels, there are plenty of opportunities for whale watching, seal sightings and catching the colours of fall along the coastline, with some cruises also offering stops along the way for hiking, biking and more.

3. Road trip through the Rockies

If you Google images of Canada’s Rockies, you’re likely to find yourself shouting “photoshop”. With lakes of ultra-turquoise water, mountains with snow-capped peaks and long roads cut through sharp rock faces, complete with perfect cloudless blue skies above, we wouldn’t blame you for questioning if this picturesque place is real.

And if you’re hoping to witness the lakes at their most vibrant, July-August is the time to plan your road trip!

So how does the magic happen? In spring, as the glaciers start to melt, they bring with them a unique rock flour as they feed the lakes below. Because this rock flour – aka silt – is very light, it floats atop the water, reflecting the sunlight and giving off the incredible turquoise colour! It truly is a sight to behold.

4. Check in to a fly-fishing lodge

In the mood for a seafood dinner? Complete with seafood you caught yourself, of course? The Canadian fishing scene is one of the biggest in the world, so there’s no better place to try your hand at the country’s most popular pastime and reap the rewards of your own catch of the day!

Of course, there are numerous options available – from easily accessible fishing lodges for a quick weekend away, to secluded fly-in resorts for those committed to their craft!

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*Did you know? Canada is the country with the world’s longest coastline, topping the list with more than 202,000kms of coast. Not only is it the second largest country, it’s also the country with the largest water area in the world too!



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