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Is it time to book that big family holiday you’ve been promising the kids? Or maybe you’re just days away from that romantic getaway you’re planning on surprising your wife before Christmas? There are so many hotels to look at; activities to be booked and endless flight options?

G’day experienced travel agent, ta-ta sleepless nights.

Of course, when we say experienced travel agent, we mean the really good travel agent – the one who adds value, can tailor a holiday to fit your specific needs, calls you by name when you walk in the door and checks in after your holiday just because they genuinely care that you had a good time.

Yes, that kind exists.

So what do you need to look for to find such a travel agent?

And on top of that, how do you find one who is the right fit for you? Well, according to a our own customer satisfaction survey, the top 3 most important attributes you need to look for are experience, personal service and an independent travel agent.


While there are many things to look for in a travel agent, first things first. It’s really about finding someone with experience! And not just experience in making bookings from behind a desk, but real life experience – they (or someone else in the office) has explored where you want to go and can offer you more than just the names of tourist hot spots.

Imagine this – you’re looking to explore Paris and you’re hoping to avoid the crowds and you have a travel agent tell you they’ve heard about some restaurants atop Montmartre. Sure, while gazing over the Eiffel Tower’s evening light display from the steps of Sacré Coeur is a beautiful thing on paper/Google, little did they realise that every other tourist has heard the same thing and it can be busy at best – something they’d know had they experienced it themselves.

Wouldn’t you rather a take advice from someone who could introduce you to a city’s hidden hideouts and local hot spots so you could experience the real culture of a new place?

Personal service with that little bit extra

Now that you’ve found someone who can offer great advice and knowledge fueled by real life experience, you might want to consider that little bit extra.

It could be something as small as knowing your name and trying hard to build a genuine relationship with you (this should be a given! And at Albury Travel, it most certainly is). Or someone who goes that extra mile to find exactly what it is you’re looking for – the perfect view, timely flight connections – without you having to sprint the entire length of Dubai airport in world record time.

And what’s more, that little bit extra should stretch to involving you in the planning process, offering a breadth of knowledge and understanding that a simple search on Google can’t quite deliver and providing detailed, accurate information – so you aren’t faced with any shocks come departure day.

An independent agency

While sometimes the easiest, most convenient option when looking for a travel agent can be the big franchises – yes, we get it, they’re everywhere – sometimes the best help comes in the form of small, independent travel agents. It’s not about selling the same version of that tired packaged holiday as per a pre-approved (read: most profitable for the chain) list supplied by head office.

It’s about finding a travel agent who understands your needs and wants and is willing to take the time to plan the right, tailored trip for you – not just supply a package pre-determined for the masses.

We package together holidays you, as an individual, couple, family, etc, will love.

That’s how great memories are made. And we love hearing those stories when clients like you return from their trips.

Of course, if you’d like to work with an experienced travel agent who can offer you a personalised, tailored experience, we’d love to help! You can always call us on 02 6041 5577, drop into the office at 601 Dean St, Albury, or book an appointment!

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